Social satire meets autobiographical confession, Meditation on a Theme is a performance series where writer/performers, monologists, and raconteurs come to the stage to uncover the multiple ways a commonly overheard phrase can be interpreted.

Words as they’re heard vs words as they’re experienced.

It’s not about comedy, drama, or thinking outside the box. It’s about destroying the box altogether.

Friday, March 17th  – Can’t We All Just Get Along
With interpretations by Erica Bradshaw, Elisa DeCarlo, Desi Waters & Jenn Wehrung

Friday, April 14th – A Woman’s Work is Never Done
With interpretations by Jane Aquilina, Donniee, Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons & Jenn Wehrung

Friday, May 19th – The American Way
With interpretations by Calvin Cato, Jenn Wehrung, and more!

Friday, June 2nd – That’s So Gay
With interpretations by Donniee, Brian Ferrari, Kevin Wood and more!

All performances take place at the LGBT Center, 208 West 13th Street, at 7pm. Doors open at 6:30. Tickets [which can be purchased at the door] are $20, which includes a complimentary reception.

With your host, Robb Leigh Davis



Erica Bradshaw

Kevin Wood


Brian Ferrari

Rob Maitner


Jenn Wehrung


Calvin Cato


Elisa DeCarlo


Robb Leigh Davis, Founder/Artistic Director
Nicholas Petraccaro, Executive Producer/Managing Director